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Neva Say Neva Golden Ale
Kolsch style Golden Ale. Smooth and creamy. Golden straw color with subtle hints of honey and malt. The finish is clean and crisp.

Alc. 4.9% // IBUs 18
Available year round on draft. 

Holy Toledo IPA
A hop forward but balanced IPA.  Orange with straw highlights in color bursting with tropical fruit, citrus and pine flavors!  A real crowd pleaser!

Alc. 7% // IBUs 80
Available year round.  22 oz bottles  and draft

Slauncher DIPA
A made up name that means absolutely nothing!  This beer is far from make believe though! At 97 IBU's this Imperial IPA will grab your taste buds slap them around and let you know it's alive and well! The citrus and pine notes are balanced to give you a true west coast experience. 

Alc. 9% // IBUs 97
Available year round. 22 oz. bottles and draft. 

Brown Ale
An award winning representation of an English Mild. Brown with red highlights. Subtle flavors of caramel malts, coffee and chocolate. Finishes clean and smooth. Don't let the color fool you!

Alc. 5.7% // IBUs 17

Available year round.  22oz bottles and draft

Chocolate Cow Milk Stout
smooth and creamy, but robust stout. Lightly sweetened with locally sourced lactose. Natural cocoa beans has been added giving it a touch of toasted brownie. A great year-round beer, however this cow shines in the cooler months.

Alc. 5.2% // IBUs 18

Available year round. 22 oz. bottles and draft. 

Conspiracy Black IPA
With a flock of ravens from overhead, they shadow this IPA making it black in color. The hints of burnt caramel the back seat and let the floral hops burst through the dark malts. A well balanced but hop forward Black IPA that's a true conspiracy!

Alc. 8% // IBUs 92
Available year round. 22 oz. bottles and draft. 

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